Guilty As Sin


With the web awash with rumours about Sin City 2, has gone straight to the source to clear things up: co-director Robert Rodriguez. “Yeah, Frank Miller is writing some completely new material for the movie,” he told us, kicking back in his Austin edit suite. “I want to mix it. I want to do something original, so people can’t buy the book and know how it’s going to end already.”

The helmer would neither confirm nor deny the story about Nancy (Jessica Alba) seeking revenge on the Roark family responsible for the death of Hartigan (Bruce Willis), but he had a glint in his eye which tells us it’s true. “We could really surprise people,” he grins. “Frank’s got some great stuff; we’ve got lots of things we can add.”

But while Rodriguez is thrilled at Miller’s new material, Sin City 2 will also use a previously published tale of Sin City: “We’ll lace in a couple of stories he kept talking about with A Dame To Kill For, which is a really cool book. It kind of ties things together: it shows how Dwight (Clive Owen) got his new face. Marv (Mickey Rourke) is still alive and the sisters, Goldie and Wendy (both played by Jaime King) are in it, so there’s a lot of cool stuff. It will be more epic, in that way. It’s really something worth going and doing; it kind of completes the first movie that we did.”

Rodriguez will shoot Sin City 2 after wrapping Grind House, the ’70s-style exploitation pic he’s creating with Quentin Tarantino…

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