A guide to the prettiest locations in Skyrim

Some will claim that Skyrim, left un-modded, isn't pretty. We think that's nonsense. The tundra can get a bit old after a while, but the world of Skyrim is still beautiful and alive regardless of a few too many snow-swept plains and a couple blurry textures. To prove it, we created the video above to feature our favorite Skyrim locations in as much time-lapsey glory as possible. We call it: Koyaaniskyrim.

Alright, we did use a few modifications, but no swapping textures or anything like that. We edited the config files to increase the long-distance level of detail, and used console commands to free up the camera and mess with the time scale, but that's it. The tweak guide over at Dead End Thrills explains the config changes, and most of the console commands can be found at The Elder Scrolls Wiki.

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer