Guess who shows up in this Force Unleashed II video?!

LucasArts had been playing coy, confirming onlyto the appearance of Dagobah in The Force Unleashed II, but the cat’s out of the bag now. Well, given that there’s not really another resident living there capable of delivering a line in English, this is only a surprise if you are absolutely incapable of drawing obvious conclusions based on a ridiculous amount of evidence and precedent. Sorry, ahem… YODA IS IN THE FORCE UNLEASHED II!

The video shows Johnny “Commander Jack Shepard” Starkiller trading cryptic dialog with the galaxy’s favorite backwards talker, although not much else is revealed. However, the latest issue ofPlayStation: The Official Magazinejust so happens to feature Yoda on the cover, and we’re hearing whispers that they might have the world's firsthands-on with TFU2 as well.

Above: And by "whipsers" we mean the cover's headline

Nice to see how well this is all keeping in step with the spirit of The Empire Strikes Back, currently in the throes of its 30th anniversary. We’re not only getting Yoda, but we’ve also been promised that The Force Unleashed II will be thedarker entryof the series, thus following in the footsteps of the greatest Star Wars anything ever made! Hell, maybe if we allyell Lando at the same time we’ll get a little Billy Dee action too!

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Aug 12, 2010