GTA Online Combat Week is a great time to buy a tank

There's an incomparable joy to rolling through the streets of GTA Online in an excessively well-armed automobile. Even if you don't plan on gunning down all the players you encounter, it's still good to know that you could if you wanted to. With the start of GTA Online Combat Week, Rockstar has made that joy 25 percent more affordable.

All Warstock Cache & Carry (that's the in-game military vehicle dealer) inventory is available for a quarter off from today through the end of Combat Week on Thursday, May 19. That includes classics like the Rhino Tank as well as the classy Turreted Limo and versatile Hydra VTOL jet. If that's not enough firepower, all Merryweather dial-a-merc services are also 50 percent off for the duration of the week, and Ammu-Nation is offering discounts on rifles, body armor, and ammunition.

If you need some extra cash to afford that new tank, you have several options: first off, the In and Out Adversary Mode will award double GTA$ and Reputation Points no matter how you play it, including on the three new maps Rockstar released today. You can also jump into the Daily Playlists for the same bonus rewards, which will cycle through a variety of explosive modes. Here's the full schedule:

  • Friday May 13th through to Sunday May 15th - brand new In and Out IV, V and VI maps
  • Monday May 16th through to Tuesday May 17th - Cross The Line I, Come Out To Play V and Till Death Do Us Part II
  • Wednesday May 18th through to Thursday May 19th - Extraction V, Beast vs Slasher IV and Siege Mentality I

All other Adversary Modes, Deathmatches, Last Team Standing, and Capture matches will also reward double RP throughout the week. Whatever you do, make sure you're nicely leveled up and kitted out before player Organizations get into the smuggling racket.

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