GTA Online update plans include Organization smuggling rings & more Creator props

GTA Online will turn the yacht-dwelling miscreants of its Organizations into proper smuggling kingpins in an upcoming update. Rockstar's plans for the next few weeks and months of GTA Online will have plenty in store for megalomaniacs and insane stunt crafters alike.

Organizations were first introduced in the Executives and Other Criminals update back in December. Up until now, they've allowed one VIP player to recruit several Bodyguards and go out on special co-op Jobs, challenges, and altered Freemode events. After the update, VIPs will be able to purchase new headquarters and warehouse properties to use for a startup smuggling operation.

Players can arrange pickups to buy illicit goods (which, if you've ever watched crime movies, you know rarely go as planned). Then they'll have to get them back to the warehouse and defend them from raids until they can arrange to sell them at a profit. Rockstar's keeping quiet on the way these deals will play out, but this screenshot looks like it's showing the same traffic-control interface from one of the later Story Mode missions.

If you're more into stunt jumps than drug deals and gun fights, Rockstar also plans to give creators a ton of new props to work with for ever more physically impossible custom jobs. Top-notch creators already do magic with shipping containers alone, so I can't wait to see what they do with patriotic tubes and other purpose-built props. Oh, and the In and Out Adversary Mode will also get a few more maps in the weeks ahead, so that's cool.

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