GTA Online: After Hours is live and you could get $5 million in-game for your nightclub pics

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GTA Online: After Hours has gone live and Rockstar is tempting players to publicize their club shenanigans with in-game cash prizes. The update lets players build up their own nightclub as a front for bringing all their other criminal enterprises together under one roof - from your biker gang to your business organization. But it isn't just a front! It's also a club that you can make your own and turn into the most happening joint in town, complete with real-world DJs, a full-service bar, and yes, a dancing minigame.

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Rockstar is encouraging GTA Online players to embrace their inner party animals by sharing images with the game's built-in screenshot "Snapmatic" app and tagging them #AFTERHOURS. The studio wants to see images that capture "the intoxicating spirit of a night out on the town" and the five best submissions will be rewarded with a prize of GTA$5,000,000 each. For comparison, you can buy the deed to the cheapest in-game nightclub to get your new venue started for $1,080,000 - so this should be a pretty good head start.

Here's some of your competition that's already out there. You have until Monday, July 30 to submit something better (terms and conditions, as always, apply). And don't worry if you don't have the money to kick off your own club yet; you'll just have to make sure you get on the list for somebody else's - up to 30 players can cavort the night away in a single club. 

This night took a turn

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Glowing tables, fuzzy memories

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Hit me with those laser beams!

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Heaven or hell, let's rock

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That's enough gawking at other people having fun - time to get out there and immortalize some digital debauchery yourself!

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