GTA IV - The new face of Liberty City

It seems Roman has persuaded Niko to sort out some business for him. He departs the office, moving purposely as he approaches a residential building. Bundling through the door he quickly backs against a wall and draws his pistol. Peering around each corner, he looks for signs of life. Content that no one’s there, Niko clatters out of the entrance at the rear of the apartment, heads straight towards a red four-door car and, without flinching, smashes the driver’s window with his elbow and opens the door. Once inside, he swiftly hotwires the car and roars away from the scene of crime while flicking between radio stations.

His destination is a riverside lot with a stunning view of the Liberty City skyline. Niko whips out his mobile phone - with functions including Phonebook, Messages, Organizer and Camera. Niko selects Phonebook and is presented with another set of options - City Contacts, Docks Friends and Cab Contact. Choosing one, Niko speaks to someone and requests their presence at the docks: an example of the new way information and missions will be attainable in GTA IV. Instead of being at the beck and call of demanding contacts, you’ll be able to set your own agenda.