GTA IV: Rockstar "expects" angry reaction

Rockstar Games founder Dan Houser has said the company expects an angry reaction from certain corners of the media when GTA IV is released this April. Is that so?

"I expect it because we've had so much of it in the past," Houser said at a recent game demonstration in North America.

The elusive company founder said that he thinks GTA and other violent games area "convenient enemy" for the mainstream media. "I wish people would treat video games the same as other media," he said. "They seem to not want to do that for reasons that I don't understand. It's a convenient enemy for people."

It's also convenient for Rockstar's time in the media spotlight and sales numbers, no doubt.

Speaking to The Canadian Press, Houser also decided to distance GTA IV from the more 'cartoony' parts of previous installments.

"If the graphics are slightly cartoony, we make sure the writing is slightly cartoony to match that," he said. "Obviously, the graphics have gone closer to realism, so we wanted everything else to be closer to realism as well."

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Courtesy of CVG.

Jan 31, 2008