GTA dev's new game Everywhere announces closed alpha test in extremely Fortnite-like trailer

Everywhere reveal trailer
(Image credit: Build A Rocket Boy)

Everywhere, the new game from one of GTA's founding developers, has a new trailer and closed alpha sign-ups.

Earlier today, September 21, Build A Rocket Boy unveiled the latest trailer for Everywhere, its game that lets you build games within the game. The trailer below, showcasing the kind of games you can find and make in Everywhere, is the game's official 'Reveal Trailer.'

The trailer is taken entirely from pre-alpha gameplay and shows off races through volcanoes, characters emerging into Gladiator arenas, and other zany scenarios. These are all billed as player-made games within Everywhere, and it's giving Fortnite vibes with its explosive action, high-octane gameplay, and chunky, cartoonish style.

If you didn't already know, Everywhere is being headed up by Leslie Benzies, who was instrumental in creating and shaping the Grand Theft Auto series at Rockstar. That's largely why there's been a lot of attention surrounding Everywhere over the past year or so - it's coming from a developer behind one of the most recognizable games on the planet.

There's also an upcoming closed alpha technical test for Everywhere. Sign-ups are live right now on the game's website, and it's sad news for console players since it's going to be exclusive to PC. Right now, we don't exactly know when the closed alpha test will take place, but it's worth noting that it should improve on the "pre-alpha" footage in the trailer above.

You can check out our Everywhere preview from earlier this year for comments from some of the lead developers on the ambitious new game. 

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