GTA 5 modders are adding San Andreas locations to the already-huge map

(Image credit: Las Venturas Project)

GTA 5 veterans are splicing locations from San Andreas into the newer game's map, with a small demo already available.

Over the past weekend, the tweet below highlighted that several Grand Theft Auto historians were busy working on something new for GTA 5. That would be the Las Venturas Project, where a small team is busy taking two locations from San Andreas - Las Venturas and Bone County - and basically adding them to GTA 5's map.

The developer in charge of the new project, who goes by the name of Antasurris, writes on their Patreon page that they felt there was "something missing" from GTA 5. That "something" is both Las Venturas and Bone County, which Antasurris believes are ripe for use in Grand Theft Auto given their natural caricature nature.

The current version of the mod includes "El Castillo del Diablo, Heatstroke Highway, Historic Route 69 and several adjacent roads as well as our hotel The Melasuda," according to Antasurris. This is spread out across three square kilometres, but the final version of the mod is eyed to be a whopping 70 square kilometres, almost the same size at GTA 5's entire map.

Antasurris writes the team plans to have a playable version of the mod available to Patreon backers later this year in December, featuring the road network and most iconic buildings of the San Andreas locations. There's no final date for the mod's launch just yet, but Antasurris writes that the mod team will then work through 2023 to "its progressive realization."

This certainly might be the "most ambitious GTA mod ever made," as Antasurris boasts. We'll have to keep a keen eye out for how the Las Venturas Project progresses over the coming months, especially as we move closer to the intended demo in December.

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Hirun Cryer

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