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GT5: Prologue gets massive content boost

Sony is giving the West some unexpected special loving with an absolute truckload of new content added to the European and US versions of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue -most significantly a new two-player split-screen option.

We thought that the Japanese version of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue was a decent enough package as it is, but the UK and USversions will not only feature offline split-screen gameplay, they'll also have 30 more cars, a Driving Line feature, a manual AI difficulty setting and a new intro video.

That's not it - the Western versions also bring back the Drift mode featured in the original GT HD demo in which your drifting technique is measured based on drift angles, racing lines, and speeds within evaluation zones located at various turns on the course.

The classic High Speed Ring course from past GT games has been added to the list of five courses in the now shabby-looking Japanese version.

More in-depth car tuning will allow you to "adjust the vehicle's performance, including power, tires, suspension and the ability for quick tuning whilst racing."

And, finally, these new versions will have new race events for the online mode, with a new set of scheduled events and time trials to blast through. Awesome.

We may have had to wait a few months longer for it to arrive, but it was well worth it (April 17 is confirmedfor the US, but thatMarch 28 datefor the UK is still just a rumor).

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 6, 2008