GSC: New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. patch "very soon"

GSC Game World has promised that a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. patch should be released shortly, in response to complaints leveled at publisher THQ about the patch situation with the game - a situation which led one major community website to go on strike until the issue is resolved.

"Big publishers have certain rules and strict requirements which we have to obey as developer," GSC's senior PR manager Oleg Yavorsky told us. "The new patch has been in test for quite some time and we're sending regular updates to THQ. So players should be able to get their hands on the next patch very soon."

The developers already moved to address bugs that shipped with the game, but for some, these fixes have just not come quick enough (which isn't necessarily GSC's fault, by the sounds of it). It was a kick in the teeth that one of the patches released wasn't compatible with save games from a previous version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Keep those eyes peeled for the next patch. Here's some of what's being addressed:


  • Added avoiding dynamic obstacles for NPCs
  • Added enemy priority function v fixes incorrect NPC reaction on player%26rsquo;s attack
  • Changed the second part of the enemy search algorithm having lost the player, the NPCs will no longer be baffled
  • Added correct reaction on shots and loud sounds coming from the player (only) on close distances


  • Dual core optimization
  • 10-15% FPS increase


  • Added new game mode v freeplay; activated after the end of the game
  • Added the possibility that any character will be able to go to any smart-terrain
  • Fixed the ultra-intense vibration of the grass
  • All monsters now drag the corpses correctly


  • Fixed the situations when the physics get stuck in the floor or in the thin walls
  • Fixed the situations when the dead bodies disappear


  • Reduced traffic and lag


  • Fixed problems with OS Vista 64
  • Added saved games converter
  • Added MOD Tools support

July 30, 2007