Greg McLean considers a Wolf Creek sequel

While he’s been busy sending Alias star Michael Vartan on the hunt for a giant crocodile in Rogue, Wolf Creek director Greg McLean has been talking to Moviehole about the possibility that he might make a sequel to the gritty Australian horror that launched him into the public eye.

While he’s not exactly ready to return to the subject of gruesome killer John Jarrett just yet, it’s apparently something he’d be up for in the future. “The first time I met the Weinsteins, at Sundance, they said, 'How much to do the sequel?' I just said I didn't want to cash in now. It just wasn't right, because what that says is that the first film's not serious – it takes something away from it.”

But he’s not against the ideal, if he can find the right plot: “I've never been against popping out sequel after sequel – Saw, for instance, has an ingenious plot that you can do it with that – but Wolf Creek was designed to be a particular kind of horror film, not the kind of film you can just pop 'em up. They get trashy. I'm really proud of the film and I don't want to just put out a piece of shit – so if it takes two or three years, it doesn't matter."

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