Green Lantern trailer arrives

Green Lantern trailer

At the weekend we brought you some promo footage of Green Lantern from the US show Entertainment Tonight - now the trailer that those clips came from is available online.

The ET footage did not impress, and unfortunately neither does this; the tone seems off, as do the effects, the acting, dialogue and editing.

You can see the trailer below;

In a word; clunky.

The trailer seems rushed, and in a rush, insecure and uncertain. Blake Lively, who scored rave reviews in The Town and is being considered Batman 3 , is all over the place. Reynolds doesn't seem sure whether he's doing a comedy or not...

...and let's not even talk about the suit.

The film is still months away from release, but based on this evidence there is a lot of work yet to be done on both the film and our now low, low expectations.

Green Lantern is released June 17 2011