Green Arrow goes Super Max

He’s the man who helped bring the Bat franchise back from the dead. And while his latest entry in the Blade franchise wasn’t exactly the best example of a superhero movie, David Goyer has earned plenty of plaudits working in the genre.

So it makes sense for Warner Brothers to want to keep him sweet on the subject. While he wasn’t able to come to terms on The Flash, he has been attached to produce a new take on another classic DC hero, Green Arrow: Super Max.

But this isn’t your ordinary origin story. Writer Justin Marks has come up with an intriguing idea. The film will open with the Arrow – AKA Oliver Queen (or Connor Hawke if they’re using the later incumbent) fighting evil but framed for a crime he didn’t commit. He ends up stripped of his powers and thrown into a special prison for criminal super-types (hence the title – Super Maximum security). Problem is, most of the villains he’s brought to justice are already in there and when he’s not fighting for his life, he’ll have to find a way to work with some of them to secure his release and clear his name.

There’s no director or cast attached yet, but this is certainly an intriguing idea – provided it can escape from Development Hell…

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