GRAW gets another chapter

Ubisoft has revealed the first details on their new content pack for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, the current king of squad-based tactical combat games. The downloadable material, scheduled to be made available on Xbox Live at the end of June, will include new weapons, battle modes, maps and - best of all - four brand-new co-op missions.

The cooperative campaign will take the Ghosts from Mexico City and drop them in the equally seedy and dangerous setting of Nicaragua. The first assignment finds the recon group infiltrating a coffee plantation by taking cover behind processing equipment and snaking through coffee plants. Apparently, the place is exporting more than caffeine addiction.

While the second mission sounds like a fairly typical shipping-yard level (does anything legal ever occur at a shipping yard?), the third and fourth operations promise to throw the GRAW team into places and situations not yet seen in the game. One has players swathing their way through thick jungle foliage and towering trees to locate and eradicate enemy transports while the other forces you and your men down a mineshaft featuring multi-tiered gameplay that is original to the Ghost Recon series.