Gravity Rush sequel revealed in teaser trailer

One of the PS Vita's best games is getting a sequel, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan revealed at the Tokyo Game Show today. Gravity Rush's star shifter, Kat, is back in a brief teaser trailer for the untitled project (via Siliconera).

Kat flies, vaults, and scales another city in the sky with some new glowing-arm power which seems to give her mad parkour skills. It looks a lot more graceful than all the crashing into the ground and sides of buildings we did in the first game, anyway.

The new project from Team Gravity doesn't have any confirmed details beyond those you see in the trailer, but judging by the visuals we assume it's another Vita exclusive. Its lack of title may be partly because the original was called Gravity Rush in the West and Gravity Daze in Japan.

Connor Sheridan

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