Gran Turismo Sport gets delayed to 2017

Gran Turismo's cars are speedy and reliable, its development timetables less so. Sony and Polyphony Digital have confirmed that Gran Turismo Sport (the first entry of the flagship racing series for the PS4 generation) is no longer planned for release in November. GT Sport's new release window is simply 2017, at which time we may have all become beings of pure light with no need for automobiles or any other means of mechanical conveyance. Or we could abandon the highways in favor of real-life hoverboards. A lot can happen in a year, is what I'm saying.

"[A]s we approach our planned release date in November, we realize we need more time to perfect GT Sport, to which we’ve already dedicated so much effort to since announcing the title, and do not want to compromise the experience," Polyphony founder and Gran Turismo czar Kazunori Yamauchi wrote on the PlayStation Blog. "While we cannot confirm a new release date at this time, we are more committed than ever to making GT Sport the best Gran Turismo game to date."

I also wonder if the delay will give Gran Turismo Sport more time to take advantage of PS4 Neo's upgraded hardware. The Gran Turismo series has been a point of pride for PlayStation visuals ever since the first game came out in 1997, so it could make a good selling point for Neo's bolstered power. We still don't know when Sony plans to release PS4 Neo, though we may find out at the PlayStation Meeting set for September 7.

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Connor Sheridan

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