Gran Turismo 7 announced for PS5

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The next entry in the prolific Gran Turismo series has been announced for PS5.

Thursday's PlayStation Future of Gaming stream debuted a thrilling next-gen reveal trailer for Gran Turismo 7, showcasing plenty of breakneck speed-racing before gorgeous, photo-realistic backdrops. There's a bit of gameplay, some footage of the interface and menu screens, and crisp, dynamic cinematics. Do be sure to check out the stunning reveal trailer for Gran Turismo 7 on PS5 below:

Unlike most of the other games revealed during today's PS5 reveal, Sony didn't provide so much as a vague release window for Gran Turismo 7. Seeing as Sony today announced release windows as far out as 2022, it could be quite a while before we play Polyphony Digital's latest racing sim. That said, unconfirmed rumors have suggested Gran Turismo 7 will launch right alongside the PS5 this Holiday season, so we could also be in for a surprise release.

The most recent release in the series was 2017's Gran Turismo Sport. GamesRadar's review highlighted the genuine driving experience, car graphics, and online features, while noting some dated features that contribute to an overall "last-gen" feeling. While we don't know much about Gran Turismo 7 just yet, one thing's for sure: it sure as hell doesn't look last-gen in the new trailer for PS5.

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