Gran Turismo 5: 24 more circuits to be added?

Exciting stuff, huh? Well, maybe not that exciting if they're going to be as basically upgraded as the likes of Deep Forest Raceway... That was little more than the PS2 track in HD. Still, a DLC package containing the best remaining tracks from GT2, GT3, GT4 and PSP Gran Turismo would be welcome if the price was right.

Here's the list of logos found so far, which are a possible indication of what's on the horizon:

Driving Park (20r60r)
Apricot Hill
Citta di Aria
Costa di Amalfi
Grand Canyon
Hong Kong
Ice Arena
Infineon Raceway
Driving Park (Kashiwa)
Las Vegas
Midfield Raceway
Twin Ring Motegi
New York
George V Paris
Opera Paris (Tarmac)
Seattle Circuit
Seoul Circuit
Swiss Alps South
Tahiti Maze
Valencia Circuit
El Capitan
Cathedral Rocks (Dirt)
Cathedral Rocks (Dirt Mini)
Cathedral Rocks (Dirt Short)

Any of those excite you? Let us know in the comments. Like I say, Seattle's my favourite. If that comes along as DLC, I might even be pursuaded to play the game again. Maybe.

Above: HD versions of old tracks have clearly been made already as this El Capitan trailer appearance proves

11 Apr, 2011

Justin Towell

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