GR+ Live at SDCC 2015: Smosh Games teaches us to bro-hug and proper nerd attire

Smosh Games is one of YouTube's most popular channels, with lifetime nerds Josh Ovenshire and Matt Sohinki doing what most of us do - playing video games and talking about them with friends. The difference of course being that they do it with the cameras on, and have more than once taken their love of fun to absurd extremes: case in point, getting waxed on-camera.

So has the view of San Diego Comic-Con changed for these two brothers in arms now that they're Internet royalty? Not much, they say in this interview from the GamesRadar+ Loot Crate booth. In fact, the guys were nice enough to give us some pointers on the proper bro-high five and Comic-Con attire. And we agree: A shirt featuring Pikachu as Emperor Palpatine is always a solid choice.

Sam Prell

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