Gotham Knights won't have crossplay or local co-op

Gotham Knights gameplay trailer
(Image credit: Warner Bros. Games)

Following the premiere of a substantial gameplay demo, WB Games Montreal has confirmed a few more details about Gotham Knights, including the fact that it will not have crossplay or local co-op support.

In an updated FAQ, the devs say there will be no local multiplayer option, as "co-op mode can only be played with online with an internet connection."

The devs also note that "cross-play support is not planned at this time." That's not a completely final answer, as "at this time" suggests cross-play could come in a future update, but you certainly shouldn't expect the feature to be available at launch.

Recent store listings have suggested that the game might feature online co-op for up to four players, but that listing has since been corrected, and the FAQ makes repeated, exclusive references to "two-player, online co-op" modes.

The new gameplay video has left the internet with mixed reactions - us included. Combat animations are looking stiff, and Red Hood's guns seem an odd fit for the melee-focused game. Of course, the severity of those issues won't be clear until the game actually launches later this year.

Gotham Knights is set to be available across PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on October 25. PS4 and Xbox One versions have been cut in order "to provide players with the best possible gameplay experience."

The other triple-A DC game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, was recently delayed to 2023.

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