Gotham Knights' PlayStation store listing now states it supports "four network players"

Gotham Knights
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Gotham Knights' listing on the PlayStation Store has been updated to state it supports "four network players".

Up until now, the official word from publisher Warner Bros. is that the game will be playable "in solo play or with one other hero" and together you can "drop in on criminal activity wherever you find it". To date, there's been no mention of four-player co-op, either in the main campaign or as an add-on or additional multiplayer mode. 

However, according to the eagle-eyed SuspiciousTension19 on Reddit (thanks, PCGN), the game has "just updated on the PSN Store" and while the text description still states you can only play with one friend, the quick-look stats below the image now clearly says it "supports up to four online players with PS Plus".

It's possible that it's an error that Sony will swiftly rectify, but I checked the store listing at the time of writing and it still states it supports four-player co-op several hours after news of the change first broke. 

A screenshot taken from the PS Store which highlights "4 network players"

(Image credit: Warner Bros / PS Store)

It's equally possible, of course, that additional modes or an expanded co-op system have been added during the game's lengthy delay - especially as the action game already boasts four playable characters from which to choose.

The Gotham Knights release date was finally confirmed in March for October 25, 2022, dashing hopes that Gotham Knights would release in April after a mysterious image popped in March suggested the game was coming soon.

The sighting came just days before an unannounced playtest for Gotham Knights also popped up on Steam.  A Reddit post by the suspiciously-named SuspiciousTension19 - yes! The same Redditor that noticed the Gotham Knights description change - was swiftly deleted from Reddit because the "automated bots think it might be spam", but in the Redditor's defence, details of the app were clearly apparent on the Steam DB website, too, which monitors updates and additions made to Steam backend. 

Of course, there's every possibility that it was a closed and private beta that wasn't supposed to reach the public consciousness and may have been for internal testing only… which now seems to be the case, of course.

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