Gorgeous wallpapers and more ring in Zelda's 25th anniversary

Just in case you’re not in the habit of rooting through Nintendo’s official site every day,they dropped a gross of Zelda loveover the weekend in celebration of Link’s 25th B-day. WARNING: This is awesome.

Above: PURDY!

If all that ultra high-res art weren’t enough to soothe the savage Zelda fan… well, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! LOOK AT THIS!

Above: This and more await your desktop's background. CLICK HERE!

Anyhoo, also onNintendo’s site, there’sa brief, yet life-affirmingly thorough history of all of Link’s appearances…

Above: All of these areclickableand interactive, appearing with a game screenshot and with a pic of the classic console on whicheach game originally appeared *drool*

As well as the full orchestral E3 performance, a tutorial on how to draw Link, and a20-second Zelda animation contestthat’ll apparently by judged by the series creators. So if you’ve got Flipnote Studios up and running, as well as the balls to submit your fan art to none other than Shigeru Miyamoto himself for review,get clicking on over there.

Above: Finally excuuuuused by the princess

Aug 8, 2011