Godfall is the first physical PS5 game, according to Randy Pitchford

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Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford says he's got his hands on the world's first physical PS5 game. In a recent tweet, the Borderlands developer showed off his copy of launch title Godfall.

In his tweet, Pitchford called on "fellow game lovers, peers and enthusiasts" to "behold the first [PS5] game." He goes on to claim that the disc is "hot off the presses," and "the first to manufacture next-gen retail game in the world."

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That's a reasonably big claim, but in this case there's a decent chance it's legit - Godfall is a PS5 launch game, and there's only a few weeks to go until the PS5 release date on November 12 (or November 19 if you're in the UK). As CEO of the game's publisher, you'd imagine Pitchford might be granted access to an early copy, although it's also very possible that the teams at Insomniac, Treyarch, or Ubisoft might have had their hands on copies of their games.

As well as photographic proof that Pitchford has held a Godfall box, his tweet reveals quite a lot of new information about the game thanks to a photo of the back of the case. That confirms that there's no offline mode (but you won't need a subscription to play on your own), and that you'll be sacrificing at least 50GB of the PS5's storage space if you're planning to play. The description also mentions that Godfall will use the new DualSense 5's intricate sensory features, although it's not clear what effects they'll be used for.

If you're still looking for info on the PS5's launch line-up, check out everything we know in our Godfall guide.

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