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God of War 4 announcement likely coming on April 19

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It would appear as though Sony is preparing to announce the next iteration of the God of War franchise, as was rumored a few months back. Advertisements sporting the phrases "Will vengeance bring redemption?" and "Nothing will bring them back" have begun appearing across the web, linking to the PlayStation Facebook page with a date: 4/19/2012.

Though this could, technically, mean anything, we're willing to bet that we'll be seeing something from Kratos within the next week. Both ads ring reminiscent of God of War slogans. God of War III's plot was all about Kratos exacting vengeance over Zeus while being haunted by the memories of his dead family, explaining both of the phrases. The ads even look like God of War ads, with a parchment-like tinge and embers floating in the air - there's a little reflection on the bottom left of the full image that looks like it might be Kratos fighting some sort of monster, too.

Seriously, just look at the ads! These things are just about as God of War as you're going to get withing showing Zeus giving Kratos a piggy back ride on Mount Olympus. It's like this thing was built to be used at the end of a trailer where Kratos whips his blades forward and slashes at the screen and then says something dark and angry.

Unless, that is, this is a bait and switch of some kind, though we doubt Sony would get our hopes up only to dash them. Nintendo has the patent on that tactic, after all.

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