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Pull off harpy wings, unscrew gorgon heads and rip undead warriors in half like phone books.

God of War 1 FAQs

God of War 1 Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Wrathy Temper

    Killing the Kratos Clones

    After beating the first part of the fight with Ares, you are sent to another demension. You will be at the temple where Kratos killed his wife and child. Soon several Kratos clones will come out and attack the wife and child so you have to protect them. You can give health back to the family if you get close to them and hit circle. This fight takes a long time so don't get impatient. First the clones are pretty weak, if your blades are at level five, use the Square, hold Square move to clear them. Soon the house will fall apart and you will be on a platform that you can fall off of. The clones will come more and more often, if needed use the Army of Hades to take care of some of them. Don't forget to transfer health to your family if they have half of there life left. Eventually the clones will come out with the Blade of Artemis. Now use Rage of the Gods with the Blade of Artemis. You should also have Athena's Blessing for unlimited magic. With that, you could get two more Army of Hades attacks in. When the rate they come slows down, you are close to the end. The Blade of Artemis con kill them in two-three hits. Don't worry about the clone throwing Zeus's Fury at you, he is on a seperate platform and will die when the clones stop appearing. Even with these tips, you will need a few tries to beat this part, I know that I did. Good Luck.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Xtrod!

    First Two Muse Keys

    The first is found past a breakable wall in the underwater passage after you've opened Poseidon's door. The second is in the challenge of Poseidon. You have to climb ledges- at the top, to the right, is a chest with muse key #2.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Alman

    Seceret Treasure Room

    In Pandora's Temple, in the Rings of Pandora, there is a door accesed by turning the outer most ring. The door can only be opened if you find two Muse Keys. One can be found behind the statue of Atlas. The other can be found after defeating the giant Minotaur in the area where you get the Architect's head from the castket. When you have the Muse keys, go to the door acceced by the outer most ring in Rings of Pandora. Then use the Muse keys to open the door. The room will grant you instant upgrads in yor Heath, Magic, and experience meters!

  • PS2 | Submitted by RvnsCrow

    Stage 8 in "Challenge of the Gods"

    I don't know about you guys, maybe I'm just not as good a gamer as I think. Because I was stuck like there was to be no end on stage 8 of 10 on the Challenge of the Gods listed in your treasures after you beat the game. Okay so I devloped this strategy to conquor all the Gorgons and undead soldiers. Throughout the first seven challenges, conserve your Rage of the Gods, DONT USE IT. When you get to stage 8, use it immediatly. Kill as many as possible. When it runs dry, you're still only about 1/8 of the way through. Attack in all directions with square, and if you see an opening use the might of Hercules on a group of enemies. When the Gorgons try to turn you to stone, this is the patients needed part, roll around with the left analog stick until they're done. Sometimes right as one finishes another begins, it's okay just keep rolling until they're done. If you block an attack just before it hits you, you can then blow a few people off the edge by hitting square soon after the attack lands. Try to never let the Gorgons hit you, they drain your health far to quickly to accept their attacks. Also avoid jumping, if a Gorgon gets you stone in the sky...fall and splat. Finally, you'll know when your near the end because your Rage of the Gods comes back...yes you've killed so many people that your Rage comes back. Activate your god power when you obtain it and that should finally be enough to finish em' off.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Larry Seth

    3rd Muse Key

    Behind the giant Atlas statue (the one with the big globe) is another Muse Key.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Secret Messege Help

    To reveal an hilarious secret number use Lace of The Furies in the "Throne Room" at the very end of the game. Hit both statues untill they break and a number will come up. To save your phone bill from all the phone number guessing read the # left to right like a book.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Past Dagger Pillars in Hades

    First Pillar: For the first pillar (of five), wait for the dagger on the lowest row of daggers to go into the wall before you climb on. Let the rotation of the pillar drag you to to the left wall (this wont hurt you). You are going to want to stay against either left or right wall(depending on rotation of pillar) while climbing. Once you climb on, wait until the dagger right above you goes into the wall. Start climbing up, then quickly jump upwards (up on the left analog stick+X). If you manage to dodge the rows of daggers, you should land right under a row of daggers that come around in sets of two. Above that row it comes in a set of three, then one. Wait till in that row the set of three goes by, then jump up through the next opening in the sets of two. After you land quickly jump up again to avoid getting hit by the set of daggers coming at you. You should be at the next pillar.
    Second Pillar: From the first, climb up slowly so that you barely catch the rotation of the next pillar. Let it drag you to the right side. This part is tricky. There are two rows of daggers in a difficult position to advance. But if you wait for a while, there will be a small opening that will allow you to get through. As soon as the last dagger goes in the wall right before the opening, jump up. When you land, carefully (normal climbing) maneuver up through the next few rows. There'll be a point where one dagger is about to hit your feet, from there jump up and you should be at the third pillar.
    Third Pillar: Once again slowly climb up just enough so that the third pillar takes you to the left wall. This is pretty tricky. There is a row of daggers right above you that come in sets of one. Above that is a row which comes in sets of three and one. Wait until the set of three in the second row goes by, then the one in the first row goes into the wall. Then jump up. AS SOON AS YOU LAND immediately jump again to avoid the dagger that is just about right next to you. Climb up to reach the fourth pillar.
    Fourth Pillar: This one you'll have to be extreamly careful that you dont go up too far on the bottom, because the lowest row of daggers is really close. Just tap on the left analog up a few times just enough so that the rotation takes you to the right wall. Once youve gone over, youll see that the first row of daggers has one set of two, then a long pause before they come back around. Above that, four sets of one dagger. As soon as the set of two daggers in the first row goes into the wall, climb up to where it was, then wait for the next opening in the second row and jump up. Quickly climb out of the way of the dagger coming at you, and you should come to a space where a dagger is about to hit your head, and on the row just under that there is another dagger that follows, now is where you jump quickly. If you hit it right, you should be at the fifth pillar.
    The Final Pillar: Make SURE that you don't try and climb on this one to let it drag you, because its impossible....the daggers are just too low. Stay half on the fifth and half on the fourth (youll slill be riding the right wall). Alright there isnt really a definite plan for this one. Just maneuver as best you can, crawling out of the way of daggers about to hit and jumping whenever you get an opening. Watch out though for the second row of daggers from the top of the pillar, because if you jump from halfway, youll probably get hit by those. If you jump right you should land right under that row, where now you jump up when you have an opening, and you should grab on to the ledge of the top of the fifth pillar. Press X as quickly as possible to pull yourself up before the top row of daggers hits you. Id suggest saving at the top(run around to the right)cause I know you dont want to go through that again.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Experience Orbs (The Sexy Way)

    After beating the Hydra and sailing to Athens, DO NOT GET OFF THE SHIP! There will be two women in your bed. If you talk to them, they will try to get you to stay, but your character just tells them to leave. Instead of leaving, jump up onto the bed. A circle icon should appear. Press circle, and you will enter a mini-game where Kratos has sex (you don't get to see it so don't get too excited). It is done by pressing the indicated buttons that pop up on the screen. It is three buttons followed by three analog movements (completely random). The first time you will get enough for your first power up on your weapon. After that, you only get five per "round", but if you keep at it long enough you can max out your weapon and a few magics as well (I spent two days doing nothing but that and maxed out the Chaos Blades and Poseidon's Rage). It's time consuming but you don't run the risk of dying, so it's worth it. Also, if you save the orbs, you can easily max out Zeus's Fury when you get it.

God of War 1 Easter Eggs

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jason DiNardo

    Surrender Kratos

    When you get to the temple of the oracle for the first time and defeated all of the harpies and medusas, save at the light. Then go left to a orb chest on top of a ledge and then jump off. After go to the gravedigger, don't talk to him, and jump onto the dirt pile and then jump off. Then walk to the edge and walk to the bridge, still staying near the edge. When you get to the bridge, run across. Finally at the end of the bridge, look at the sky, Ares will write something out for you saying, "Surreder Kratos."

  • PS2 | Submitted by sabastian huisman

    Phone Number

    This number is the number that gets you to a hot line that charges you nothing and gives you a secret message. It is 1-888-447-5594.

God of War 1 Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by CP Editor

    10 Tips from God of War's Lead Designer

    Listed below are some of my favorite tips to surviving and racking up the orbs in God of War.

    1. Block As If Your Life Depends On It. (It Does.)
    God of War may seem like a button masher, but furious button pressing will only get Kratos so far before he finds himself on that one way boat ride to Hades. There's actually a deep, fluid, even elegant fighting system and the best thing you can do to stay alive is to Block (press L1) as an enemy attack comes in. This can be done at any point in your attack chain, so don't worry about starting an attack and then being caught in the middle of it.

    2. Stop, Pop, And Roll
    The Right Analog Stick works wonders in three ways. First, it's your good old-fashioned evade move, and no attack can hit you while you are rolling. This works EXTREMELY well against the Gorgons' freeze beams. Second, rolling can get you out of being surrounded and to a better position to attack from. Third, and most importantly, you can roll a couple times during a combo and keep the combo going. What better way to keep that hit counter rising and the orb bonuses flowing!!

    3. Learn To Counterattack
    Once you get Kratos up to Level 3 Blades of Chaos, you will then be able to perform Hades' Revenge (after blocking with L1, press Square, Triangle, or R1). This is the buffed out version of regular old Block, and with this you can unleash a heavy hit on just about any enemy that dares to swing at you. Use the Square counter when there are multiple enemies and you want to sweep the area. Use the Triangle counter if you're up against one stronger enemy such as a Satyr.

    4. Air Combat (Launch Your Enemies)
    The cool way to find unique ways to punish your enemies, and you have it from the start. Simply hold Triangle to perform Ascension. You'll fly up in the air with one big swing, as will your enemies. Up there all kinds of combo hits and throws await your foes; especially once you level up and can perform Cyclone of Chaos (L1 + Square) and Falling Helios (L1 + Triangle).

    5. The First Is The Best (Poseidon's Rage)
    On Kratos' journey he will acquire many new powers, the magics as bestowed by the Gods of Olympus. The prices to upgrade these magics are steep and you would rightfully be wary of which magics you should be upgrading first. Well, make sure your priority is the Poseidon's Rage, the first magic Kratos receives in the game. When Level 3 is achieved, the amount of damage it deals and the radius that it affects is well worth the orbs you spend on it. Plus, your combos will go sky high.

    6. R2 = Curiosity Button
    Lots of things to see, lots of things to discover. To get the full experience of God of War, don't be afraid to press R2 to check out paintings on the wall, dead soldiers, and anything else you come across. You might just discover the clue that could help you in your quest.

    7. Be Liberal With Kratos' Magic
    The Gods didn't give Kratos these magics for show and tell. There's always a Blue Orb Chest around the corner, and the enemies are more likely to give you Blue Orbs the more you attack them with magic. Also, remember that the Gorgons will give you Blue Orbs anytime you rip their heads off. So don't worry about that blue bar for the most part and go nuts!!

    8. Be Conservative With Rage Of The Gods
    The same cannot be said for the Rage of the Gods, the all powerful, superspeed version of Kratos. Rage of the Gods is built up from performing combos, and is activated by pressing L3 + R3. Only use it when confronted with really tough gangs of enemies because it doesn't last long enough to justify using it on lesser guys. Too bad, it looks so cool that you'll want to use it and just destroy everything that comes along. But hold out, especially in the later levels, because you'll need it. Get Level 5 Blades of Chaos and Kratos will have Athena's Blessing, meaning UNLIMITED MAGIC during the Rage of the Gods. Awesome.

    9. They'll Fall For Achilles' Flip
    Don't forget about Achilles' Flip when you reach Level 4 Blades of Chaos! With all the moves at your disposal at this point, you might overlook this beauty. When rolling, press X to perform an uppercut slice at an enemy. This is one of the most unblockable moves Kratos has, and is a perfect combo starter when up against the later enemies that like to block.

    10. See Cyclops' One Big Eye?
    What better to throw at his eye than a giant bolt of Zeus' Fury? Most of the monsters in God of War have their own personal weaknesses against certain types of attacks and magic. So experiment and find out what those weaknesses are and exploit them!! A personal favorite is to use the low-cost Medusa's Gaze on Harpies, they'll freeze and shatter quickly and give you Shatter Kill Orb Bonuses. A much tidier alternative to slashing at them wildly, and pays off better too.

  • PS2 | Submitted by legolasboy1207896969

    How to Get Past the Harpie/Archer Room

    Key things to note are that there are only eight archers, the first two dont regenerate at all, and the last six regenerate 2 more times after you kill them. The harpies only come in waves of six to eight at a time. And there are flame throwers that will instantly kill you on the wall of each platform. Here's how to get by them. First you need to defeat all the archers. The weapon to use here is the Blade of Artemis, which only takes two hits with the square button to kill them. Run to the first archer with the BOA unsheathed and kill the first one. Quickly jump to the other platform and kill the the other archer. These guys don't regenerate so your all safe. Next go to the second set of archers, kill the first one, jump to the second, jump back to the first and so on. Repeat this for the next set. For the final two which stand in front of the Gateway, just stand in front of them and swing as much as you can, while staying away from the flamethrowers. After they are all gone, run back to the last set of platforms, the ones closest together, and stand in the gap so as not to get caught in the big gruesome wheels (if you come out of the gap, just jump back in there before you get blown by a divebombing harpie into the wheels.) Now there are two things you can do: 1) you can use Poseidon's Rage to kill off the harpies, but that will run out quick. If you dont have a lot of magic to begin with you can 2) jump up in the air, hold L1, and press square/tap R2 or any kind of air attack to defeat them, and use plenty of square+triangle combos, eventually their numbers will start decreasing and the gate will eventually open.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Completion Unlockables

    Making of GoW: Unlocked from beginning
    Trailers(Teaser and Magic Teaser): Unlocked from beginning
    Credits: Beat game once (any difficulty)
    Deleted Levels: Beat game once (any difficulty)
    Heroic Possibilities: Beat game once (any difficulty)
    Visions of Ancient Greece: Beat game once (any difficulty)
    Monsters of Myth: Beat game once (any difficulty)
    Birth of the Beast: Beat game once (any difficulty)
    God Mode: Beat game once (any difficulty)
    Character Graveyard: Beat game once (any difficulty)
    Challenge of the Gods: Beat game once (any difficulty)
    In-Game Movies: Beat game once (any difficulty)
    A Secret Revealed: Beat Spartan mode
    The Fate of the Titan: Beat Spartan mode
    Secret Message 1: Beat Spartan mode
    Additional Costumes: Beat GoW Challenges
    Secret Message 2: Beat GoW Challenges

God of War 1 Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Rikki Parker

    New Outfits

    To get new outfits for Kratos, you must first complete the game in easy, normal or hard difficulty setting, afterwards you will unlock numerous things in the treasures screen at the main menu. you will unlock god challenges, you must complete the 10 missions for the god challenges to unlock new outfits for Krattos, the outfits give different attributes for him such as this,

    Chef of War
    Damage Power 100%
    Defense Power 100%
    Magic 300%
    Health 150%
    Experience 100%

    Damage Power 50%
    Defense Power 100%
    Magic 150%
    Health 300%
    Experience 100%

    Damage Power 200%
    Defense Power 400%
    Magic 100%
    Health 100%
    Experience 400%

    Dairy Bastard
    Damage Power 50%
    Defense Power 100%
    Magic 200%
    Health 200%
    Experience 200%
    BONUS: Dairy Bastard has infinite magic supply.

    Ares ArmorM
    Damage Power 200%
    Defense Power 25%
    Magic 100%
    Health 200%
    Experience 200%