Ghostrunner gameplay trailer reveals super-slick Cyberspace level

A new gameplay trailer for futuristic hack-and-slasher Ghostrunner made its debut at the Future Games Show on Saturday, spotlighting a shiny new Cyberspace level, as well as new abilities, enemies, and more.

For the uninitiated, Ghostrunner is an upcoming first-person sword slasher that sort of resembles a hybrid of Mirror's Edge and Dishonored, splashed wet with bright neon colors. There's lots of fluid, fast-paced wall-scaling and jumping, plus plenty of slick, stealthy, drop-down kills. The demo is free on Steam now if you want to try it out for yourself.

"In the ashes of a broken and chaotic world, life is cheap and death is always around the corner. It’s here, in this bleak and miserable existence, that a cyber-warrior must struggle to avoid a bloody end and navigate through the remains of a once-great civilization. A massive tower houses the survivors of the apocalypse and it’s up to you to reveal the mystery," reads the description from the official Ghostrunner website.

The new 60-second gameplay trailer takes a look at a brand new playground, the nebulous Cyberspace level. This new environment looks like it would be an absolute blast to glide through, blade extended cutting through baddies with reckless abandon.

Also revealed in the gameplay trailer are some of the enemies you can expect to slice and dice, including a bipedal bot who is giving us some Metal Gear Solid 4 vibes, as well as some of the abilities you'll use to navigate throughout the world. Can't wait to play? Neither can we, so make sure to pick up Ghostrunner when it launches later this year.    

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Jordan Gerblick

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