Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta maintenance and ribera-1000b errors are messing up the fun

The Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta is now live, but not everyone's having a good old-fashioned, gun-toting time of it in Bolivia. Maintenance and a "ribera-1000b" error are causing players to disconnect or rendering them unable to log in at all, even for solo play with AI co-op.

Unfortunately there's not much to be done about maintenance. If Ubisoft decides it needs to take the game offline to fix something, you just have to wait. This has happened three times so far, and the best thing to do is just kill time while checking in with the official Ubisoft Support Twitter page.

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Sometimes maintenance takes as little as 15 minutes, sometimes it takes more than an hour. If you want something thematically appropriate to do, why not check out the browser-based mini-game that lets you earn in-game rewards?

As for what to do about the ribera-1000b error, you can fix this by forwarding ports on your router. Don't worry, it's pretty easy to do and doesn't pose a security risk - it's just a bit tedious and unfortunate. If you want a video guide, check out this one from TechFixIT:

Now get out there and stomp some drug cartels.

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