Ghost of Tsushima will be playable in up to 60fps on PS5

(Image credit: Sucker Punch)

Ghost of Tsushima developer, Sucker Punch, has confirmed that the game will be playable in up to 60fps when played on PS5 using the Game Boost feature.

In a tweet confirming that the samurai action game will be available to play on the next-gen system via backwards compatibility from day one, the team also revealed that you'll be able to transfer your save from PS4 "to pick up where you left off". 

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Best of all, though, it looks like the PS5's Game Boost system will improve both the frame rate and loading times.

"PS5 owners playing with Game Boost will see an extra option to allow frame rates up to 60FPS, and while loading speeds on the PS4 are already great, just wait until you see them on the PS5!" exclaimed a subsequent tweet.

ICYMI, update 1.1 is hitting Ghost of Tsushima on Friday, October 16, which is when we'll finally get the fan-requested New Game Plus mode. Once you beat the main campaign at least once, you can jump into the new mode with all of the techniques, gear, and cosmetics you unlocked in your previous playthrough, and this time around you'll have a new horse to carry you through. 

Perhaps more importantly though, Sucker Punch saw how much we loved petting lots of adorable red foxes in Ghost of Tsushima, so this update will also give us the opportunity to recruit the big fluffy Mongol war dogs by giving them a hearty petting, too. Yay.

Ghost of Tsushima is just one of the best games of 2020 (so far). Did your favourite make the cut?

Vikki Blake
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