Ghost of Tsushima New Game Plus release date set for next week

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Ghost of Tsushima New Game Plus mode is coming on October 16, and it will give you ample reason to free the island once more.

The PlayStation Blog reveals that fan-requested New Game Plus mode will be added to Ghost of Tsushima in version 1.1 next week, the same update which will also enable Ghost of Tsushima: Legends co-op mode. To play in New Game Plus mode, you must have finished the Ghost of Tsushima campaign at least once.

New Game Plus starts off right at the introduction to the open-world, skipping the initial scenes of the doomed beach defense and Jin charging straight into Khotun Khan's fortress. "But how will I pick my horse if I skip all that?" I hear you ask with distress. Don't worry, New Game Plus has a new horse for you. This one has a black coat, a striking red mane, and its very own saddle.

Aside from your new steed, you'll start off with all the same techniques, gear, and cosmetic items you unlocked in your previous playthrough. That's just the start - you'll also be able to earn a bunch of new items that push the semi-historical nature of the game straight into the realm of myth. There are powerful new charms and another rank of upgrades for your weapons, and you can unlock even more glamorous cosmetics.

You'll earn Ghost Flowers by completing Tales and activities that you already finished in your first playthrough, and a strange new merchant who has pulled ashore in Ariake will take them off your hands. In exchange they'll offer you new armor dyes and other vanity gear with "more elaborate designs than those found in your first playthrough". The hat possibilities are dizzying.

(Image credit: Sucker Punch)

Ghost of Tsushima New Game Plus mode will automatically start off on a more challenging difficulty, but you're free to adjust it in the game settings if you prefer. There's absolutely no shame in strutting around the island in your cool new clothes and obliterating all of your enemies.

Sony hasn't said anything specific yet, but I can only imagine PS5 backwards compatibility will make Ghost of Tsushima even more smoother.

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