Ghost of Tsushima: Legends co-op mode release date and gameplay details revealed

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Ghost of Tsushima: Legends will bring online co-op to Sucker Punch's samurai adventure on October 16.

The game's developer revealed the release date and new details for the free DLC expansion on the PlayStation Blog. For starters, although it's arriving alongside the Ghost of Tsushima version 1.1 update, you will need to head to the PlayStation Store to download a free unlock for Legends once your game is done updating in order to play.

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From there you can launch into Legends from the title screen, the pause menu, or by speaking to a new character named Gyozen who will appear at settlements in the single-player campaign. Gyozen is a storyteller, and he pulls from the realm of myth to provide an alternate explanation for the heroic events of Ghost of Tsushima - and you get to play those legends yourself, either in two-player story missions, four-player survival, or an upcoming four-player raid.

You'll start out by picking one of four classes, and then you'll unlock the rest as you rank up in Legends mode. Your options are the melee-focused Samurai, the ranged Hunter, the support-and-pet Ronin, and the stealthy Assassin. You may want to have one of each in your group, or maybe you want your entire party to charge into battle together as fearsome Samurai - either works.

As you play, you'll unlock new techniques for the classes, take on harder challenges, and earn progressively better gear. Sucker Punch warns that you'll need high-end gear and a well-coordinated team to take on the Raid once it drops into Ghost of Tsushima: Legends in a few weeks.

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