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Get the SFX RSS feed

Want to be notified when something happens on the SFX website? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication - it's just a way for a website like ours to send out a list of headlines and updates to everyone. Each time we update the site, perhaps with a news story or one of our team blogs, the RSS feed pings an update to anybody who's signed up for notifications. Here's a link to our RSS feed .

People these days tend to be interested in a bunch of websites with content that changes all the time. Repeatedly checking each site to see if there's any new content is a bit laborious. Special software called aggregators or online services like Bloglines keep track of our RSS feed and maintain a list of the latest updates, along with those from your other favourite sites. With one glance, you can see what's been updated on all the blogs you usually visit. Good eh?


Remember there's a lot going on here at so to find out more about getting the RSS feed click here ( our publisher's notes ) or here ( Wikipedia entry ).