Get ready for Frat Boy

Warner Brothers has brought Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin aboard its new comedy Frat Boy.

The high (or should that be low brow?) concept pitch sees a baby abandoned on the steps of a frat house on an American campus and ends up being raised by the various members of the fraternity until he's old enough to go out into the world.

According to Pajiba's source, the film is described as "think Tommy Boy meets Old School." Do we have to?

Given that Dobkin's guy-centric hits (well Crashes was a hit, while Fred Claus didn't work so well) have starred Vince Vaughn, might we see him taking a part? Though to be honest, the crazed manchild role sounds more up Will Ferrell's street.

Right now, Scott Rothman's first draft script is being re-written by Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul, who last worked on Yes Man and next year's intriguing-looking laugher Hot Tub Time Machine.

We're hoping they push it more towards Old School and further away from Tommy Boy. Much, much further…

[Source: Pajiba ]

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