Get a better look at the new Black Adam Justice Society costumes with these Funko POPs

Funko POP! Cyclone, Dr. Fate, and Atom promo image
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While we've seen plenty of Black Adam himself, early footage has only given us glimpses of the film's other heroes. New Funko POP toys make up for that by providing a better look at the updated Justice Society costumes.

Alongside Black Adam, these Funko POP figures show off the likes of Dr. Fate (who you can add to your shelf for $12.99 from Amazon) in full. They also lift the curtain on Cyclone and villainous Sabbac, offering our first real look at those characters. We've got pictures of the set below, but you can check out the figures for yourself via Pop in a Box if you're keen to pre-order them ahead of launch this September 23. UK readers can find the same selection at the British version of Pop in a Box.

Although we were given a fairly good view of them before now, the figures for Hawkman ($11.99 at Pop in a Box) and Atom provide a much clearer look at their outfits. The former has his Nth metal mace and ceremonial armor, while the latter (which you can get for $12.99 at Amazon, but with free delivery) is pretty close to his comic book counterpart.

As for Cyclone, she kinda looks like she's walked off the set of Hocus Pocus 2 - as evidenced by her listing at Pop in a Box, her outfit is all flowing greens and purples with wild red hair. Meanwhile, Sabbac (who must be a large-sized POP thanks to his price of $29.99 at Pop in a Box) is suitably demonic with horns, hellish runes across his body, and a handful of fire.

Speaking of larger figures, there are some fun set pieces joining these Justice Society Funko POPs as well. You can get Black Adam on his throne for $29.99 at Amazon, and Hawkman cruisin' in his cruiser (also $29.99 at Amazon) is available too. 

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