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George Clooney taking Enron stage show to the big screen

George Clooney will be helping to transfer Enron , Lucy Prebble's critically adored play, to the big screen.

According to The Guardian, Clooney will be co-producing the movie adaptation, and he's also expected to direct. It's not yet know if he's eyeing a role for himself.

Clooney's not one to shy away from politically-charged material, and Enron seems to be right up his street.

He was apparently wowed by the super-stylised play. It wasn't a huge hit on Broadway, so it'll be interesting to see if the star's pulling power will be able to tempt US audiences to a story about a huge corporation.

Olivier-winning stage director Rupert Goold accepted that he wouldn't be taking on the movie gig, saying: "How do you compete with George Clooney?"

Playwright Lucy Prebble is adapting Enron for the big screen, but it is understood that none of the stage cast will appear in the film version.

Producer Laura Ziskin confirmed it would be a different take on the material: "Once you've done something... you've done it. Let that stand on its own... This is an American story."

Clooney is gearing up to direct The Ides of March (formerly Farragut North ), which he's set to star in alongside Ryan Gosling, so Enron may have to wait until he's finished that one (which is also based on a play).

The Enron story has previously been told very effectively on screen. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room , an Oscar-nominated documentary, was released in 2005.

Source: The Guardian

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