Gentlemen Broncos trailer online

The first trailer for Jared Hess' new comedy Gentlemen Broncos has gone online and you can see it below.

Starring the likes of Michael Angarano, Sam Rockwell, Mike White and Flight Of The Conchords' Jermaine Clement (present), Broncos is the tale of home-schooled loner Benjamin Purvis.

Having turned to sci-fi/fantasy writing to keep himself occupied, Purvis (Angarano) attends a writers' camp where the guest speaker is one of his favourite novelists, Ronald Chevalier (Clement).

But Chevalier is suffering from a massive bout of writer's block and ends up stealing Purvis' ideas.

While the promo definitely harks back to the quirk-laden style of Hess' Napoleon Dynamite, and Clement is pure genius, we're a little worried it could be too weird for its own good.

There are some laughs to be had, though, and we'll wait to see the whole thing.

For now, check out the trailer below and leave your thoughts...

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