Genshin Impact Yoimiya trailer shows the five-star archer at work

The new Genshin Impact Yoimiya trailer lets us spend some more quality time with the upcoming five-star pyro archer, whose release is just six days away at the time of writing. 

Yoimiya's character teaser is a brief, almost nostalgic look at her home island of Narukami in the summertime. Yoimiya's bubbly personality and stunning firework shows have clearly earned her quite the reputation among the island's citizens. "Summer just wouldn't be the same without her," one woman says. The trailer finishes things with a lovely shot of the five-star set to a backdrop of colorful explosions, which Yoimiya uses to do the old rom-com anime confession thing where we can't actually hear what she's saying. A classic. 

This Yoimiya teaser arrived alongside a more detailed breakdown (opens in new tab) of her abilities. If you're up to date on the Inazuma storyline, you've already gotten a taste of her firepower through her dedicated story quest, but it's still nice to see everything plotted out. 

Described as a "burst damage dealer," Yoimiya can deal heavy pyro damage using the infused arrows granted by her elemental skill, and when her cooldown is up, she can switch out after laying down a recurring explosion while simultaneously buffing your other party members. Mechanically, she's very similar to Hu Tao, but her aesthetic and animations are totally different. She ought to be a fun change of pace after the frigid precision of Ayaka, the most recent five-star character. 

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