Genshin Impact Sango Pearls locations

Genshin Impact sango pearls
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Genshin Impact Sango Pearls are a valuable Character Ascension Material and a must-have for Sangonomiya Kokomi owners. If you don’t find yourself some shiny pink pearls, exclusive to the Inazuma region, you don’t get to level your new Hydro healer.

But don’t worry; Sango Pearls are quite easy to find once you arrive on Watatsumi Island. Even without unlocking Watatsumi’s hidden areas, you’ll be able to farm a few dozen Sango Pearls in a relatively short amount of time. 

Let’s take a look at Sango Pearl uses, how to find them, and the best Sango Pearl gathering locations.

Sango Pearl uses in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact sango pearls

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Stumbled upon some Genshin Impact Sango Pearls and wondering what to do with them? Like most new materials in the game, the Sango Pearls are an Ascension Material for one of the new characters. In this case, the Sango Pearl is needed to level five-star Hydro character Sangonimiya Kokomi. 

The Sango Pearl isn’t part of any crafting recipes or Weapon Ascension requirements yet, but this might change in the future. Even if you don’t have Kokomi on your Genshin Impact team, it can’t hurt to pick up a few Sango Pearls along the way.

How to get Genshin Impact Sango Pearls 

Genshin Impact sango pearls

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Sango Pearls were added in Genshin Impact 2.1. As you can only find them on Watatsumi Island, there are a few requirements that need to be met before you can start your treasure hunt.

First of all, you need an Adventure Rank of at least 30. Next, you need to start the ‘Setting Sail’ Archon Quest in Liyue Harbor and play all the way through the main storyline until you complete ‘The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia’. Once that’s done, you can use a Waverider and sail to Watatsumi Island (west of Fort Mumei, Yashiori Island). 

Where to find Genshin Impact Sango Pearl locations

Genshin Impact sango pearls

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It looks like Sango Pearls respawn after three (real life) days. Given that the full Sangonimya Kokomi Ascension takes a total of 168 Sango Pearls, you need to visit the locations below at least four times. Take a look at these Sango Pearl locations and find a farming route that works for you:

  1. There are five Sango Pearls to be found near Suigetsu Pool. However, they’re all hidden underground. You need to solve the puzzles and drain the water before you can access this area. Once you do though, they can easily be picked up if you teleport to the Domain first.
  2. This area has the highest concentration of Sango Pearls in all of Watatsumi Island. Start from the Teleport Waypoint to the north, then glide down. You’ll be able to spot the pink shells from the sky. Continue your way south along the riverbed (stay left of the waterfalls) to collect all twelve of them.
  3. Three more Sango Pearl locations, also next to a waterfall. 
  4. Start from the high rock between the suspension bridges. You’ll find two Sango Pearls here. Then glide down towards the east, and land near the pink shells below you. There are five more Sango Pearls here.
  5. These Sango Pearl locations are easy to spot if you glide down from the Teleport Waypoint southeast of this area. There are five Sango Pearls on the round island between the waterfalls, two more on the slightly higher coast west of the indicator on the map, and two more on the southern coast of the long island to the northeast. 
  6. Unfortunately, the Sango Pearl locations in this area can’t be accessed without completing the ‘The Moon-Bathed Deep’ World Quest first. You can start the quest by talking to an NPC called Tsuyuko, near Mouun Shrine. During the quest, you’ll enter a cave area where you’ll find the Sango Pearls. There should be around eight of them here.

And that’s every Sango Pearl location in Genshin Impact, both hidden and in plain sight. Just glide, fight, and sprint your way there and pick them up!

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