Genshin Impact Key Sigil location guide to find every Sigil in Enkanomiya

Genshin Impact Key Sigil
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Genshin Impact Key Sigils are the latest collectible and you'll find the little blue squares all across the new Enkanomiya region. As with all Genshin collectibles, finding every Key Sigil location is quite the challenge. If you want to make your search as quick as possible, take a look at our Genshin Impact Key Sigil location maps below!

How to find and use Key Sigils in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Key Sigil

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The Key Sigils are very similar to the Genshin Impact Anemoculus, Geoculus, and  Genshin Impact Electroculus locations. Instead of offering them to a Statue of the Seven though, you can use the Key Sigils to unlock the ‘Seals’; rune-like markings found on stone walls around Enkanomiya. This will usually spawn a treasure chest, but you also need them to proceed with certain World Quests like Hyperion’s Dirge [link to other article]

There are five different types of Seals and Key Sigils. You can only use a Key Sigil with the same marking as the Seal in order to unlock it. If you follow the Key Sigil location guide below, you can easily obtain all of them without worrying about their type. 

Genshin Impact Key Sigil locations in Enkanomiya north

Genshin Impact Key Sigil

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You’ll come across both Yachimatahiko’s Locus and Yachimatahime’s Locus during the Erebos’ Secret World Quest. This will open up the ‘pool portals’ in The Narrows and Evernight Temple. Just jump through them to reach the northern Enkanomiya islands (you can already do so before finishing the full questline).

To reach the Key Sigils in the middle of this area, go to Dainichi Mikoshi and glide to the smaller island to the north where you need to use the Phase Gate (blue circle on the map). This will take you to the Vishap Research Lab, where the Key Sigils are.

  1. The Sigil is on top of the ruins on the southern part of the island. 
  2. Glide down the northeast side of the island, you’ll see a cave entrance with the Key Sigil inside.
  3. After arriving in the Vishap Research Lab, follow the path until you reach the stone square. The Key Sigil is inside a cage on your left. Light the Cryo, Electro, and Hydro mechanism to open it (this will spawn some enemies).
  4. Run towards to northeast, you’ll see a smaller island with a broken stone bridge (easy to reach). The Key Sigil is on a tree, in plain sight.
  5. After reaching this area, first use the Phase Gate. Then glide down towards the small island in the west where you’ll find the Key Sigil underneath a large tree trunk. 
  6. Inside the old stone tower, highest part of the island.

Key Sigil locations in The Narrows

Genshin Impact Key Sigil

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  1. On top of the stone ruins.
  2. Jump down the cliff. It’s surrounded by Hilichurls.
  3. On top of the large stone ruins.
  4. If you glide southwards from the Teleport Waypoint, you’ll see it on some stone ruins beneath you.
  5. Floating in the stone archway.
  6. Go inside the caves, and then to the lowest ridge. Hit the mechanism to find the Key Sigil behind the stone wall.
  7. If you walk towards the west from the pool (grassy area), you’ll see a large rock with a small opening. The Key Sigil is floating inside.
  8. On top of a tree. 
  9. Inside the library, higher part on the left. There’s another Key Sigil in the same spot, but you’ll have to complete the World Quest ‘Collection of Dragons and Snakes’ first. This will open a portal on the other side of the library; go through it, then pick up Key Sigil no. 2 in this location.
  10. You can access the ruins by switching to Evernight (switching mechanism is right in front the doorway). Just follow the hallway until you see a statue of a snake. There’s a gap in the ceiling; climb through it, and you’ll find the Key Sigil.
  11. On top of a tree.
  12. Top of the large stone pillar.
  13. On top of the ruins, lower ridge.
  14. On top of a cliff, just northeast of the pool.

Key Sigil locations in Dainichi Mikoshi

Genshin Impact Key Sigil

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  1. It’s on a stone pillar. Don’t use the Teleport Waypoint in the same location on your map (you need to be higher up). Use the Teleport in the center of Dainichi Mikoshi instead, then glide over.
  2. On a short stone pillar.
  3. Inside an opening in the large stone wall.
  4. Float west from the center of Dainichi Mikoshi, then perform a plunging attack on the loose stones below you. The Key Sigil is next to you below ground.
  5. If you look towards the north from the nearby Teleport Waypoint, you’ll see an opening in the wall in front of you. Go inside, then turn left.
  6. On top of the massive stone pillar.
  7. In an opening in the large stone wall.
  8. On a stone pillar.
  9. Floating above the Teleport Waypoint.
  10. You can just glide over to the tiny island, starting from the location of the nearby Teleport Waypoint. It’s not far at all, but way down below you. 

Key Sigil locations in Evernight Temple

Genshin Impact Key Sigil

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  1. This Key Sigil location can only be reached by clearing the labyrinth puzzle. First, make sure you’ve switched on Evernight. Then enter the labyrinth from the side (don’t try to fly directly towards the middle), and switch on the Hydro mechanisms. You can enter the cave area through the middle, where you’ll find the Key Sigil.
  2. It’s in the stone ruins, slightly lower than the Teleport Waypoint. If the blueish glow prevents you from entering, you need to use the nearby switch (a few paces to the north) and set it to ‘Whitenight’. 
  3. It’s on the slightly lower area between the two rocks, northside of the pool.
  4. On top of the stone tower.
  5. Go to the lowest level of the island. There’s a path leading underneath some stone-like tree trunks. The Key Sigil is floating there.
  6. Glide down from the cliff’s edge (between the high cliff and Key Sigil location 7). There’s a lower area where you’ll find the Key Sigil.
  7. Highest part of the island, beneath a tree trunk. There’s an Electro Mage right next to it.
  8. Just over the edge of the cliff, between the remains of a stone building (jump or glide down).
  9. This Key Sigil location is at the very bottom of the island. Starting from the Teleport Waypoint, jump off the cliffs towards the northwest, then wait until you see an opening.
  10. You’ll see a low, open area here. The Key Sigil is in the middle, fairly easy to spot.
  11. On top of the stone ruins, just south of the Teleport Waypoint.
  12. On top of a stone pillar.

Key Sigil locations in The Serpent’s Heart

Genshin Impact Key Sigil

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  1. Glide down to reach the lower part of the island. You’ll see the Key Sigil on top of a tree.
  2. Next to the stone staircase, between two small waterfalls.
  3. This Key Sigil location is inside a large cave area. To reach it, you should glide down to the lower part of the island (starting from the Teleport Waypoint, jump off towards the northwest). There’s a path leading inside the cave, and the entrance is in the exact same spot as the Teleport Waypoint, only below ground. Once inside, turn to your right and climb through the hole in the wall. The Key Sigil is further down below, a bit towards the left.
  4. On the tree.
  5. You have to glide down. There are some stone ruins hanging off the cliff; the Key Sigil is on the lower one.
  6. The Key Sigil is floating above the pool.
  7. Glide downwards towards the lower cliff. The Key Sigil is next to a tree.
  8. Floating in the opening beneath the massive stone pillar.
  9. Glide down from the Teleport Waypoint. The Sigil is floating between some ruins, near a hole in the ground. 
  10. On top of the pillar.
  11. It’s floating in the air next to the broadest part of he waterfall. You can’t reach it from the stone bridge, so start from the Teleport Waypoint further west, and glide down.
  12. On top of the giant stone pillar.

Key Sigil locations in Enkanomiya south

Genshin Impact Key Sigil

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Like the Locus locations in the north, you’ll reach Kunado’s Locus during Erebos’ Secret (pool portal in Serpent’s Heart). The small islands on the left can simply be reached by gliding from the south of Serpent’s Heart.

  1. Go near the edge of the island; the Key Sigil is on a slightly lower ridge.
  2. The Key Sigil is sitting on top of a small rock on the smaller island. You can easily reach it using the glider.
  3. On top of the pillar. Reach this smaller island using the glider.
  4. Go to the large square with the statues, then go up the stairs to the left. Climb the wall to the right to find the Key Sigil.

And that’s every Key Sigil location in Genshin Impact! You’re now free to unlock every Seal in Enkanomiya.

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