Genshin Impact card game Genius Invokation will be a permanent addition to the RPG

Genshin Impact card game
(Image credit: Hoyoverse)

A Genshin Impact card game called Genius Invokation is on the way, and unlike the game's many cyclical events, it will be a permanent new gameplay mode once it arrives in update 3.3.

Developer Hoyoverse has announced the card game, which is based on the in-universe game that's played and discussed by the folks of Teyvat, during today's 3.1 special program. The hefty livestream also saw the reveal of a Genshin Impact anime in the works at Demon Slayer ufotable, and, of course, the Genshin Impact 3.1 banners featuring Cyno, Nilou, and Candace.  

"In this new gameplay mode, you can invite different characters and NPCs to play," explains Hoyoverse marketing head Michael. "Of course, you can also play games against friends for fun. This is mainly a PvE mode that's light and casual and there are no rewards for PvP."

All of the cards used in Genius Invokation, which have been shown to feature playable four-star and five-star characters as well as enemies and bosses, "can be acquired through gameplay," Michael adds. This doesn't tell us how we'll acquire these cards, nor does it necessarily rule out the possibility of purchasing cards in some way, but given the casual way the card game has been pitched, it seems unlikely that Hoyoverse will be charging an arm and a leg for them. 

Genius Invokation "is still being tested and optimized," Michael says, so Hoyoverse didn't share much about its rules. The board state shown on-stream was a 1v1 duel where each opponent had three character cards on-field with some minion-looking cards in reserve. We can also see a hand of six cards in the top-right corner of the screen. 

Interestingly, one prompt notes that the opponent "switches character" to Xingqiu to use a "fast action" by way of his normal attacks, which suggests we'll place and use cards individually. Character cards appear to have Hearthstone-style health pools, and elemental properties also seem to be a factor in combat. Diluc's card is able to apply Pyro to Mona when he attacks for three damage, for example. 

That said, the stats and resources of the mode are still unclear. In any case, Genshin Impact rarely gets permanent game modes and activities, so on paper (heh) Genius Invokation is a promising addition. 

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