Gears of War 3 Secrets and Easter egg guide

Chickens. Epic apparently loves chickens. At first they were simple fowl roaming around the battlefield that could be used as walking bombs if we got creative with our grenade tagging. Upon further inspection, we’ve found that they sometimes wear pirate hats, drop chicken-launching Boomshots, and breathe fire.

That’s right, Gears of War 3 is just over a week old and we’ve already found a basketful of easter eggs hidden throughout the game. While not all of them involve chickens, we can confidently say that every last one is worth sharing. So power down your chainsaws, sit back, and enjoy Epic’s lighter side.

Battle a golden chicken (that breathes fire, naturally)

Above: This thing is the most terrifying enemy in the game on Insane difficulty

In Act I: Chapter 1 after you raise the lift for the incoming chopper, you’ll find yourself in a battle on an open portion of the ship’s deck. After clearing out the enemies, look for the four circular vents. Simply walk up to each one and wait until Marcus calls out. After you’ve investigated all four, out pops a chicken. Attack the little fella, and he’ll turn into a man-sized chicken more than worthy of a battle with Peter Griffin.

Cluck things up with the Cluckshot

If you defeat the golden chicken on Insane difficulty you can find the Cluckshot in Chapter 1. After the harrowing battle, head to the CIC as per your mission and listen to Prescott’s message. Continue through the chapter until the large circular lift is raised, allowing you access to the left. However, you want to right and over the barrier. Climb up the stairs to find the game’s first Cluckshot near a corpse on the catwalk.

Cluckshot special delivery

Fire up Act IV: Chapter 1 on Insane difficulty. Make your way through the level, being sure not to disturb any of the ash bodies. When you get up to Griffin’s hideout, speak to the man behind the door as you normally would until he opens up. Soon after stepping inside, look to the right and you’ll see a gated room. If you didn’t disturb any of the dead throughout the chapter, the woman inside will open the gate and the “Respect for the Dead” achievement will unlock. Press X near the large chicken wearing a pirate hat.

At the start of the next chapter, look for a car positioned precariously on the edge of a cliff with an enticing box of ammo on the hood. Approach the car and watch it inevitably fall.

Soon after the short cutscene where you dodge the cave-in, clear the area of polyps and look for another ammo box at the edge of these broken tracks on your left. It will also fall as you approach it.

Chapter 3 begins with your need to get the cable car running again. Head through the barbed wire and clear the area of enemies. Look for a nearby ammo box atop some stacked crates. Kick out the crates, and look out below. The pirate chicken has returned with four special surprises for you and your team!

Jace’s Infinity Mints

Walk up to the vending machine after the cutscene with Jace in Act I: Chapter 1 and press X to kick the mints loose. In an act of pure douchebaggery, Marcus will say “mine now” but leave the mints in the tray instead of giving them to Jace.

Use the slide

The slide on the playground in Act I: Chapter 3 can be used. Just climb onto the equipment and press X when prompted. Even in the heat of battle, Cole Train knows how to have some fun!