Gears of War 3 Secrets and Easter egg guide

Cole’s hats

There are two chances to find a hat for Cole to wear in Act I: Chapter 3. The first hat is in the bed of a truck right in front of the gate that leads to the playground.

The second hat is found between two vending machines on a counter in the Sporting Goods section of the supermarket (still in Act I: Chapter 3).

Cole’s Gears 2 dialogue

Right next to the second hat is an ad for Thrashies cereal. Approach it and press X to hear Cole’s slogan for the brand. Activate this about 10 times and you’ll hear Cole’s famous speech from Gears of War 2. Not exactly wholesome for the kids...

Ticker Fight Club

Above: Inferior!

Fire up Act II: Chapter 4 on any difficulty level. Proceed through the trenches and to the underground portion where you find all the caged tickers. Look for a wooden door with a red ticker painted on it. To its right you’ll see a small yellow window. Approach it and press X.

Creepy Wretch pimp dance

This Easter egg requires a bit of legwork to unlock, and the fact that it is found on the multiplayer map Checkout only makes it more difficult. We recommend you set up a private game with 4 bots on casual (so that your stupid team keeps the other stupid team busy without having too many fighters on the map) or a private game with a friend on the opposing team.

Begin by pulling the fire alarm in either the Home Goods section or the Electronics section. The door at the back of the Electronics section will then open slightly. Destroy the crate just past the door and grab the fire extinguisher that appears. Drag the extinguisher all the way to the Pharmacy.

Note that if you plan to do the rest on your own, do not leave the extinguisher on the ground for more than a few moments or else it cannot be picked up again. Also, the targets that appear in the steps that follow cannot be shot until they are in view for at least five seconds. Wait that long, drop the extinguisher, shoot the target, then pick up the tank again.

Extinguish the flaming fire alarm on the back wall of the Pharmacy. Once you do, a shopping cart containing a red hat will appear just outside. Shoot the hat until it explodes, grab the extinguisher, and start heading over to the Checkout section.

Look up at the left window between the Pharmacy and the Checkout. If you aim at it long enough, the hat will reappear there. Shoot it, then grab the extinguisher again and continue to the Checkout.

The sneaky wretch will light the car you find there on fire. Extinguish the car, and note the cane that the mannequin outside to the left once held is now gone. Drag the extinguisher to the bathroom near Home Goods. Sticking out of the ceiling in that bathroom is the cane - shoot it until it retracts. Grab the extinguisher again and head for Electronics.

You’ll notice one of the pieces of equipment on the shelf left of the door where you first found the extinguisher is on fire. Put it out, and look through the door. When the smoke clears, you’ll find the dancing wretch, complete with hat and cane.

Hear “Mad World” on Gridlock

In order to hear the instrumental version of “Mad World” on Gridlock, you need to go an entire round without disturbing any of the ash corpses on the map. Obviously, this is highly unlikely during a normal multiplayer match, so you may have to engineer the proper circumstances.

Fire up a private game of Warzone against a single casual bot. As soon as the round begins dash over to where the bot spawns and kill him before he has a chance to destroy any of the ash corpses. Because it is Warzone, the round will end as soon as the enemy dies. When the next round begins the song should be playing in the background and the level should have a bluish tint to it.

See Gridlock’s pig roast

Go to the area labeled “Restaurant” on the Gridlock multiplayer map and peer through the barricaded entrance. If you shoot the ash bodies inside, you’ll find that even irradiated corpses have a hankering for roast pork every once in a while.

Weeping Dom

Whenever the bells toll during a session on the Mercy multiplayer map, a picture of Dom and Maria magically appears on the shrine at the back of the Sanctuary. Once you’ve found it, shoot it to hear a short audio clip of Dom mourning his Maria. This sound bite generally underwhelming, but hey - easter egg!

Sept 30, 2011