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Gears of War boss becomes big fan of Molyneux's Milo, corpse-boy apparently not yet fully dead

"After seeing Milo in person and hearing the pitch (AND if it is allowed to fully shine) it could be like Heavy Rain and Pixar had a baby"

That's the word of Bleszinski. When he references Heavy Rain I assume he's talking in terms of the emotional heft and dramatic hook of a real-world mystery story centred around a young boy, rather than say,terrible writingand cack-handed plotting (no, I'll never let it go, y'hear me!?), which makes his metaphorical parentage damnably interesting.

If there's one thing Lionhead is great at at the moment (hell, it's Peter Molyneux's over-riding obsession), it's creating worlds and characters that grab you by the emotional balls and don't let go. That dovetails very well indeed with Pixar's way of working, so if we can all get past the hysterical "omigodihavetotalktoachild!" factor (seriously, get over it, this game will not turn you into a paedophile), it seems there could be something seriously worthwhile here after all.

If it gets completed andactually goes on saleat some point, anyway. And that's something Cliff didn't know about. He tweeted a little later to say that he and Lionhead hadn't discussed release specifics. Damn.

So, does this shine hope upon Milo as piece of progressive, dramatic narrative? Or are you still too scaredof pretending to talk to a computer generated boy who doesn't even really exist in case it immediately turns you into a raging kiddie-fiddler? Let me know your answer to that rather loaded question in the comments.

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