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Gears of War 2: Summer 2008?

Jan 17, 2008

Each and every New Year, members of the gaming press begin tripping over themselves in hopes of predicting the big things in the coming dozen. Be it right, wrong, vague or obvious- you're sick of reading them, we're sick of reading them. So in one fell swoop, GamesRadar has told every other aspiring '08 Nostradamus to suck it long, and suck it hard: We got psychics.

Ignoring the tired tradition of basing predictions on facts, intuition or consulting with experts, we went to three bonafide, honest-to-God clairvoyants to deliver you The Truth about what's in store for 2008. Super market tabloids do it. Even the cops have been known to refer to a medium once the corpse-sniffing dog shits the bed. And we're proud to declare it just as applicable to our goofy little Business of Game.

First we visited Ann Ronzo, Bay Area psychic. She assured us she was"not a gamer," butit'd be hard to tell that based onher predictions. So, behold:the newly christened Official Paranormal Consultant of GamesRadar. WARNING: Some of her visions may amaze you. Or confuse you. Whatever- check back with us in December.