Gears 2 to crack down on Achievement whores

We've all encountered it; begging children on Xbox Live, crying to the rest of the lobby to help them unlock their multiplayer Achievements via suicide, game-breaking behavior and more, thus spoiling the fun for everyone else.

Thankfully, it looks like Gears of War 2 at least is going to fight against the whiney Achievement whores, by limiting the amount of accolades players can unlock in a single multiplayer game.

Speaking to CVG at Microsoft's media summit this afternoon, which you might've heard about already, Gears honcho Cliff Bleszinski said Epic was going to be "throttling" the amount of Achievements players can unlock at any given point.

"If you're going for headshots," he gave as an example, "you get one headshot that counts and any other headshots won't count towards your Achievement, so players don't just play to get headshots the entire round just to get Achievements."

Cliffy B also revealed that players will be able to track the progress of their Achievements in Gears 2 (which is looking lovely, by the way):

"I don't want to get into too much of the multiplayer right now, but one thing I can confirm is that we are doing Achievement progress so that players will be able to essentially track how far they're getting with each Achievement in whichever mode."

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Courtesy of CVG

May 14, 2008