Gearbox explains the first stage of Borderlands 3 endgame and post-launch content

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Gearbox is laying out their plans for endgame content and detailing the year-end roadmap for Borderlands 3 post-launch updates, which will include a Halloween-themed event, new game modes, a new map, new enemies, and a paid DLC pack that's included with the season pass. The details were provided at PAX West, where the developers provided a rundown of all the free and paid content coming to Borderlands 3 in 2019.

On top of the Proving Grounds and Circle of Slaughter modes announced at Gamescom, Borderlands 3 has three additional game modes up its sleeve for endgame: True Vault Hunter Mode, Guardian Rank, and Mayhem Mode. True Vault Hunter is an advanced version of the main campaign, Guardian Rank is an "evolved" version of Borderland 2's Badass Rank, and Mayhem Mode lets you modify the campaign in specific ways to amplify both risk and reward.

Around a month after release, which coincides nicely with the Halloween season, the free Bloody Harvest Event will bring "spooky" activities that yield unique rewards upon completion. Then there's the more-substantial Maliwan Takedown update, which is also free and will bring a new map, a new boss, new enemies, and new rewards. Closer to the end of the year, Borderland 3's first major DLC pack will be released and introduce new campaign missions that expand the game's story, along with new side missions, enemies, and loot.

This is only the first stage of endgame content for Borderlands 3, so expect to be plenty occupied long after you finish the campaign. We also look forward to a more in-depth breakdown of the post-launch updates, as what was provided today was pretty thin.

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