Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows Cheats

Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Bojan

    All Upgrades

    Enter your name as the following to unlock all the upgrades:
    allgrades - Get all the upgrades

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kitegomen

    Unlimited Life

    To do unlimited lifes first u need to have two players one is 1P one is 2P.Then either 1P or 2P press start and select *leaves Games*.Then at outside of the playing screen select join ,load ur character,then ur character will come out with full of health and life.Do this repeatly when ur health is low to get lot of life to play.

  • Xbox | Submitted by hoochDude67

    Easy Experience for Wizard

    When you are at the Imperial Palace level, towards the end is a room. This contains endless red beasts and a key you must find. These beasts are very easy to kill. Go to the center of the room and use your Path of Sky attack (A button). The beasts will continue to appear, and you will continue to gain experience. Note: This works best with a controller with an auto-fire feature.