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Gamora and Nebula’s on-set outfits may just hint at a big flashback in Avengers 4

Avengers 4 speculation will pop up because of anything and everything including, incredibly enough, charity donation videos. Intrigued? Read on to find out why Gamora and Nebula’s choice of costumes hint at a possible flashback for Thanos’ offspring.

The fourth Avengers movie, which is currently filming now, was the backdrop for a recent Red Cross charity pledge (h/t that not only showed off Ant-Man and the Wasp decked out in their full gear but a retro-looking Gamora and Nebula, rocking their first Guardians of the Galaxy threads.

As Redditor hellatired (me too, me too) points out, their looks bear a striking resemblance to their on-screen debuts. Unless the pair brushed off the cobwebs from their old outfits, it would seem that we’re getting a flashback scene in Avengers 4 which, y’know, makes sense as it all revolves around daddy dearest, Thanos. We might even get a glimpse at the sisters’ sparring scenes too, which would be neat.

That’s not to say it’s as cut-and-dry as there simply being a flashback but, come on, who wouldn’t want the children of Thanos to share some screen-time (and sibling side-eye) with the other Children of Thanos? That stuff writes itself.

Avengers 4 may be two years out but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to read about: a few pesky set photos have spoiled a big question from Spider-Man: Homecoming and – if you’re wondering why Avengers 4 doesn’t have a title yet – it’s because it would be a spoiler. So there.

Images: Marvel

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