Gaming’s most festively ferocious yetis

As seen in: Tomb Raider Underworld

If you were a god of Norse mythology who wanted to protect their really smashy hammer, who would you get toguard it? If your answer is Mothra, you’re not even close. As much as a giant moth monster would be good at keeping intrepid explorers like our Lara at bay, Thor instead chose Yeti Thralls to guard his hammer.

Above: Can't we just talk this out?

Created when a yetiwould gosuicidal and chuck himself into the Sea of Etir, these smooth-skinned beasts are pretty much zombies. While they might have the scary dead eyes of a porn fluffer, they’re no match for Miss Croft’s Matrix-shaming bullet skills. Just a quick tip, mind. Crush their skeletons to dust or they’ll end up coming back and going all Jason & The Argonauts on your inquisitive ass.